Auto Tune Service Centre especially outlined great fuel saving tips for your precious car.

1 Slow down
Cars give their best fuel economy at about 60 km/hr. If you drive right up to the speed limit (or even beyond it) on freeways and the open road you’ll add greatly to your fuel bill. Drive most cars at 110 km/hr and you use a third as much fuel again as at 70 km/hr.

2 Drive Steadily
You burn petrol to gain momentum. But fast acceleration is an efficient way to gain momentum. And every time you use your brakes you destroy some of the momentum you have gained. You get your greatest fuel economy when you roll along steadily at a constant moderate speed.

3 Drive the smallest car that will do the job
If yours is a two car family, take the smaller car on the longer runs.

4 Keep your car well tuned
An engine out of tune causes high fuel consumption, therefore components such as spark plugs, distributor points or electronic ignition should be maintained in top condition.

5 Don’t go over board on accessories
They all add weight and external ones add aerodynamic drag. Remove luggage racks, caravan mirrors and other external accessories when you don’t need them. Don’t use the air conditioner when your trip will be too short for it to be effective, or when the day isn’t really hot.

6 Watch your tyre pressures
Keep your tyres at recommended pressure. An under-inflated tyre wears more quickly and takes more fuel to turn the wheels.

7 Don’t ride the choke
It’s there to be used – not abused. Once you have started the engine push it right in and you’ll save petrol.

8 Start now to record your kilometers driven and litres of petrol used
Once you see your fuel consumption and your distance travelled both falling, you’ll know that you are driving better and driving less. You’ll be encouraged to go on saving.

9 Next time
You buy a car, keep fuel economy in mind. Remember that the lightest cars use the least petrol.

Service your car regularly with Auto Tune Service Centre & enjoy a safe drive!